4 Considerations for the Beginning Forex Trader

One of the investing trends that has been gaining traction in recent years is forex trading. The idea of trading currencies is attractive, since it provides an interesting (and potentially lucrative) alternative to other types of investing. However, as Warren Buffett famously pointed out, you want to make sure that you understand what you’re investingContinue Reading

Banking on Your Mobile Phone

Whether you are running your business or personal finances, you can now handle all of your banking needs directly on your mobile phone. While the advancement of technology in smartphones has made nearly every aspect of life easier, banking needs have seen the most improvement. These are the four ways you can bank on yourContinue Reading

What You Need To Know About Online Trading Platforms

When using online trading platforms, first things first: understanding how they can benefit you and your pocket book. The online version of trading (often called discount brokers for their reduced trading fees) is very different from a traditional broker. Have a look at three online trading examples. Personal Investing Investing in stocks is something that can makeContinue Reading

Why It Stinks to Be a Lawyer

At some point in your life you probably thought about it: make the big bucks by becoming an attorney. Fancy suits, fine cars, lavish homes. What’s not to love? Well there is an untold story of being a lawyer in the modern world. Here’s the truth behind the appearances. Law School is Expensive Tuition andContinue Reading