20 Cents from January 2011

20 Cents from January 2011

So the first month of 2011 is already over. How are those 2011 goals coming along? Are you still on track? I’ve had a couple of setbacks myself, but I’m not taking it lying down. I’m taking some corrective actions and I hope to be able to report that they worked!

Without further delay, here are a few of my favourite articles from January of 2011. This is a mere sampling of the great information out there. I highlight lots of other articles each day on Twitter. You can follow me @BalanceJunkie.

1. At Today’s Economy Blog, Kevin Press wrote about Muskoka Chairs and Unanswerable Questions. The article captured the retirement anxiety many of us feel at this time of year as financial services firms “pose virtually unanswerable questions about how much you need to save for retirement that leave people feeling like they haven’t done enough.” He suggests a new marketing strategy is needed.

2. Ian Brennan offered two interesting posts. The first drew some provocative conclusions about Timing the Market from the recently released FCIC report on the financial crisis. The second shared an Economic Forecast from Craig Alexander of TD Bank.

3. Is Budgeting about Freedom or Confinement? Ponder that for a moment. Thanks to Craig at Money Help for Christians for asking the question.

4. Mark from My Own Advisor shared his method of achieving Organized Cash Flow with Dividends. Different companies pay out their dividends at different times. He has a spreadsheet that tracks his dividend cash flow. Nice.

5. Well our friend Big Cajun Man over at the Canadian Personal Finance Blog turned 50 this month, and he shared a great article On Turning 50 in which he highlighted some of the financial changes and milestones we’ve experienced over the past 50 years. Happy birthday again BCM!

6. Boomer and Echo kicked off a great series on How to Invest Your Money. Part One tackled Psychology and Part Two was about Getting Started, which is sometimes the hardest part. Whether you’re a novice investor or you’ve been saving for years, there are some great rules of thumb here.

7. Speaking of useful tips for beginners and veterans alike, Miranda offered 5 Tips to Build a Strong Financial Foundation at Financial Highway. There are a couple of things in there that might not have occurred to you.

8. Don’t Fail to Plan. Sage advice from Jessica at MomVesting. When it comes to retirement planning, “the sooner you start the better — but better late than never.”

9. If you want to have a little extra money to invest, you might want to read 10 Ways to $ave Energy Comfortably at Prairie EcoThrifter. There are some great ideas here. You can help the environment and save some money at the same time!

10. Early in the New Year Larry MacDonald was wondering Where to Invest Now? He found a stock broker who offered a surprising solution. (Hint: He didn’t recommend loading up on stocks.)

Any comments on these fine articles would be appreciated. :)

Written by Kim Petch

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