20 Cents from January 2012

So the first month of 2012 is behind us. Did you set any goals for the year? How are they coming along? There were some fantastic financial articles out there last month. Here’s a tiny sample:

1.  Farnam Street posted an excerpt from a new study on Willpower & New Year’s Resolutions. Apparently, the key to keeping our resolutions is to make sure we don’t need to call on our willpower too often by minimizing temptations. That’s probably why automating your finances by paying yourself first works.

2. The World Economic Forum takes place in Davos, Switzerland each January. Umair Haque pointed out Ten Things You’re Not Allowed to Say at Davos. Enlightening.

3. Take a look at this interview with Danielle Park at Cambridge House in Vancouver. “Wise investors concerned about the real direction of the economy will learn something here!”

4. At Personal Dividends, Miranda asked Should You Care About European Financial Problems?

5. If you’re concerned about the economic challenges facing Europe and the U.S., you may want to check out this Market Watch article on Living the American Dream – in Canada.

6. Which is better: Tax Free Savings Account or Paying Down Debt? Jim Yih tackled this question at the Retire Happy Blog – and he drew some neat pictures too!

7. Has you financial advisor ever told you that “You’re young so you can afford to take more risk”? If so, you might want to head the other way according to FiGuide. That line was included in their list of The 6 Worst Pieces of Financial Advice.

8. Overheard in the workplace: “Only stupid people give to charity. I give enough with my taxes.” Wealth Informatics posted an interesting analysis of why we give and how to give smartly.

9. Forbes had a really interesting article on 5 Personality Traits That Lose You Money.

10. The Reformed Broker linked to a CBC interview with Seth Godin: It’s a Forever Recession – So Race to the Top. I’m reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin at the moment and loving it. Maybe I’ll post a review when I’m done.

I hope you enjoyed these articles as much as I did. Feel free to comment on any of them here. :)

Written by Kim Petch

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