20 Cents from November and December 2011

20 Cents from November and December 2011

I missed posting the November 2011 edition of 20 Cents due to my short blogging sabbatical, so I’m combining some highlights from November and December here. There are a few bonus links in there too. Enjoy!

1. Let’s get things started with 3 great articles courtesy of Barry Ritholtz at The Big Picture. Barry calls out Cognitive Dissidents, says the U.S. Is a Corporate Monarchy, and highlights 29 Systemically Dangerous Global Banks. All are well worth your time.

2. Million Dollar Journey posted an excellent article on Why Cash Is King. In a volatile marketplace, cash provides a much-needed, if low-yielding, margin of safety.

3. Global investors watched Eurozone leaders make unequivocal statements followed by very equivocal retractions for most of 2011. John Hussman did his best to sort out this economic Hokey Pokey for the rest of us.

4. Charles Hugh Smith (Of Two Minds) was much more direct in his characterization of the Euro debt crisis, and what’s necessary to resolve it: Why Isn’t Anyone Talking about Writing Off 3 Trillion Euros of Bad Debt?

5. I rarely highlight another roundup in my 20 Cents post, but this one from Abnormal Returns is so chock full of worthy articles, I couldn’t resist: Wednesday Links: Healthy Capitalism.

6. Interloper is one of my favourite newcomers to the financial blogosphere in 2011. Check out the article on why the “Highest Risk Tolerance Wins” Investment Era May Be Coming to a Close. While you’re at it, stick around and browse a while. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

7. The Oblivious Investor made some excellent points in Asset Allocation: Maximum Tolerable Loss.

8. A friend inspired My Own Advisor to ask What Does Smarter Living Mean to You?

9. Science Daily may have some answers on cognitive dissonance for Barry Ritholtz in the study on Why People Defend Unjust, Inept, and Corrupt Systems.

10. Here’s another collection of great articles from another site I just recently discovered called Farnam Street. Check out all three:

Happy New Year! I wish all of you peace and prosperity in 2012! :)

Feel free to comment on any of the articles that piqued your interest!

Written by Kim Petch

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