20 Cents from September 2010

Another month has passed all too quickly and it’s time to round up a few of my favourite articles from September. How quickly 2010 is slipping away! It seems like just yesterday I was writing up a few ideas on 2010 What Ifs for the New Year. Now it’s time to start thinking about what 2011 might hold!

I read a lot of great articles everyday. I can’t include all of them here, but I usually highlight them on Twitter. You can follow me @BalanceJunkie.

1. Canadian Finance Blog has recently launched Money Index, a website that aggregates all kinds of financial content for you. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in personal finance and investing. I’ve added a widget to get you there on the right sidebar. In case you’re interested, you can find Balance Junkie on the Canada page. 😉

2. How Much of Your Paycheck Do You Need to Survive? Kevin at Invest It Wisely challenges us to really take a look at our numbers to see if we are living paycheck to paycheck, as studies indicate is the case for many Canadians. I’ll try to update our numbers and let you know how we did in my quarterly financial plan update next week.

3. The Financial Blogger has A Few Tips To Protect Yourself Against Bonds Collapse. There are some who believe that bonds are in a bubble and others who believe that bond prices can stay high, and maybe even go a little higher. Both may be correct in the end. Yields could very well stay low in the near term, but there is also a real possibility of a sudden rush for the exits. Those are never pretty, so it’s always wise to be prepared.

4. Your Overconfidence Could Hurt Your Portfolio. So says Miranda Marquit in an interesting article posted at Moneyed Up. I’ve probably suffered from investing overconfidence in the past, but lately it seems like a complete lack of confidence is an issue for me. I suspect that I may not be alone.

5. CIBC World Markets seems to think that our emergence from the financial crisis of 2008 will be known as The Great Disappointment. Kevin Press takes a look at some interesting economic analysis at Today’s Economy Blog.

6. New Home or Existing Home – Which Is the Better Deal? Kevin at Out of Your Rut looks at the pros and cons of each. We’ve tried both, and I have to say that I love our new home, but that I wouldn’t want to build one again. What are your thoughts on this?

7. China as an Emerging Economic Power: What Do You Think? Squirrelers posed this big question in September and received some really interesting comments. I put my 2 cents in too, but this question deserves a bigger answer than one that fits in the comment window.

8. Betty Kincaid’s Blog offered Lessons from the Lemonade Stand: Some Disassembly Required. There are some great ideas here for making the most out of the opportunities provided by a challenging economic environment.

9. Pop Economics wrote about The Lost Decade You Should Really Be Afraid of. There’s been a lot of talk about how the stock market has essentially returned zero over the past 10 years. Pop thinks we should be more concerned about the stagnation of wages and income.

10. What a Week . . . . That’s how Danielle Park felt when she wrote about some of the current issues facing investors at Juggling Dynamite.

As always, thanks for reading. Comments on any of these fine articles are welcome.

Written by Kim Petch

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  1. Man, totally agree that 2010 is slipping away! Can’t believe there’s only a few more months left till we ring in the new year!

    Great links- look forward to reading that (after I get my full 8+ hours of sleep, of course!).


  2. Thanks for including me in such a great list. Your post about the markets was one of my favorite reads this week! I’m glad that you pinged me the other day, because I’m checking more often now and there’s a lot of great stuff here.

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