Amazon Payments Car Scam

Amazon Payments Car Scam

We’ve been on the hunt for a used car since the transmission blew up on one of our cars.  We came across a 2010 Chevrolet Traverse LT for only $11,000.  Based on some limited research, this was clearly an excellent deal because most 2010 Traverse’s were going for $18,000 to $25,000.  As much as I wil intrigued, my spider senses went up but I still sent an email to inquire for more information anyway.

I got a reply from a Mr. William Garcia:

This vehicle has absolutely no mechanical problem, the exterior has no scratches, rust or dents and the interior is like new, no accidents.

The price includes shipping and handling . I am selling it because I’ve relocated in Europe and it is too expensive to import it here. It is still in Canada at a warehouse in Whitehorse YT ready to be delivered to its buyer with all the documents.

Because I am not able to close the deal myself, I want to use a third party to handle the sale. This way we are both protected.  

Let me know if you’re interested and if you have questions.

After asking a few more questions, here’s the next email I got

The mileage is correct. Let me explain how everything works:

I want to use as a third party Amazon Payments (visit their website Amazon Payments). You will have to make the payment to Amazon Payments. The shipping will be started in 24 hours after your payment is confirmed. The vehicle will be delivered in 3 or 4 days. From the moment it arrives at your door, you will have 5 days to test and inspect it. If it doesn’t match my description or if you find anything wrong with it, Amazon Payments will refund your money is 3 working days and I will be in charge of the return shipping fee. They will hold the money until you confirm that the vehicle is as expected. 

This way we are both protected. I am sure that you have the funds to buy it and you can verify that the vehicle is as advertised knowing that a 3rd party has the payment secured. 

In order to start the transaction, please go on Amazon Payments and register, once you do that,

Amazon Payments will send you the invoice with all the payment and shipping details.

Thank you,

When I clicked on the link, here’s a screen shot of the site 

It looks pretty legitimate but the url was a little strange

Nowhere in the URL does it say  I decided to play along and put in some information.  Here’s the email invoice I got:

Looks pretty legitimate but here’s some concerns:

1.  If you look at the email address of the sender, it does not come from

Also if you look at the screen shot below, the banking information is what really should be a concern:

I asked William who Jose Orejon Perez was and he relied he was the person chosen by Amazon to supervise the transaction.  I then googled “Amazon Payment Scam” and found this scam 

I found stuff dating back to 2005.  It’s been a while since I have shopped for a car.

I went back to Kijiji to get a screen shot of the ad but they had taken it down already.

The warning signs

The internet can be very powerful but it can also be a scary place.  Predators like these have taken advantage of people for a long time and will continue to do so.  Here’s some of the warning signs:

Watch for Fake sites – Over at Amazon, they have posted some good information on spotting scammers (

Genuine Amazon Payments websites are always hosted on one of the following domains:


Sometimes the link included in spoofed e-mails looks like a genuine Amazon Payments address. You can check where it actually points to by hovering your mouse over the link–the actual website where it points to will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window or as a pop-up.

We never use a web address hosted on a domain other than the ones listed above. For instance, variant domains such as “ . .” or an IP address (string of numbers) followed by directories such as “http://123.456.789.123/ . .” are not valid Amazon Payments websites.

For a list of fake sites, visit this page:

It’s scary how good some of these scam artists are.  I guess the spider senses came up early because of the old saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”  Be careful; be smart; and be skeptical!

Good luck


Written by Jim Yih

Jim Yih is a financial expert, columnist, best selling author and award winning blogger. He is also a Group Pension Consultant for Clearpoint Benefit Solutions.To learn more about Jim, visit and

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  1. thanks, Jim…this guy almost caught me with his used car scam…i went through exact same process you described…your information helped me to realize that i was about to be scammed…thanks again..

    • Thanks Jim ,
      Almost got caught in the same trap with a camping trailer. My wife did not feel good about the transaction method and after I looked into it, I came across your blog. The response I got was almost word for word what you received for your car, but I was trying to purchase a trailer. Just another lesson. Sounded too good, and it was. I can’t believe how close the wording of emails were to the ones you have reported .

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  3. A co-worker of mine was also targeted by this scammer. His domain is now de-registered and he’s probably moved his phishing site to another domain. Stay vigilant!

  4. I almost fell for the same kind of deal. A 2010 Tundra in Auto Trader for 16,000. Great deal. Contacted the person and here is his emails to me.

    Hi Andy,
    Thank you for your interested regarding my vehicle. My name is Edward Graham I am a doctor at Park Avenue Medical Clinic in Terrace, BC.

    The vehicle is still available for sale and the price I am asking for it is $16.000. I am the first owner of the vehicle and it is registered in my name. The vehicle was never involved in any accidents, is fully payed and if you wish I can provide the car proof report. The vehicle is Canadian certified and e-tested. The vehicle is available for inspection in Terrace, BC at Park Avenue Medical Clinic and if you can’t travel there I can ship the vehicle anywhere in Canada on my cost and offer 5 days to personally inspection period. The shipping will take from 3 to 5 days to arrive in front of your door, depending on your location. Along with the vehicle you will receive the bill of sale signed over by me.

    2010 Toyota Tundra 4×4 CrewMax Limited
    Engine: 5.7L V8
    62,350 KM
    Exterior Color: White
    Interior Color: Gray
    Transmission: 6 Speed Shiftable Automatic
    Navigation System, SunRoof, DVD Player
    Leather Seats, Tow Package,Keyless Entry
    Let me know if you wish to move forward and feel free to ask for more pictures.

    Dr Edward Graham

    Hi Andy,
    My wife and I are happy to have found a buyer for our vehicle so soon. If you are not able to travel to Terrace, BC in the next 3 or 4 days to test and inspect the vehicle, since I can only hold the vehicle for you that long. I prefer to use a third party company like Amazon Payments that will hold the funds in their trust account until you receive and inspect the vehicle. The shipping will be handled by my and will be started in 24 hours after your payment is confirmed.

    The shipping will take from 3 to 5 days to arrive at your door depending on your location and from the moment it arrives you will have 5 days to test drive and inspect the vehicle. If it doesn’t match my description or if you find anything wrong with it (but it won’t be the case since is in flawless condition), Amazon Payment will refund your payment and I will be in charge of the returning fee. Once you have the vehicle inspected you need to contact Amazon to redirect the payment to me. Using Amazon we are both protected, you will have the payment secured by them.
    Giving the nature of this transaction please note that my sale terms are final and nonnegotiable. If you are ready to purchase the vehicle please forward me your phone number so we can discuss final details.

    Dr Edward Graham

    Hi Andy St. Michael,

    The seller Edward Graham contact us because you wish to know more about how Amazon Payments works. We are happy to assist you in your purchase.

    Amazon Payments Guiding Buyers and Sellers Safely Through the Online Escrow Process

    How does it work?

    Step 1: Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms
    After registering, both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the merchandise, sale price, number of days for the Buyer’s inspection, and any shipping information.
    The Seller signs in to Amazon Payments and creates a transaction.
    The initiating party defines the terms of the transaction and provides information about the merchandise.
    This information includes:
    E-mail address of the other party, full name and shipping address
    Length of inspection period
    Delivery options will be under the seller responsibility
    Shipping costs will be payed by the seller
    The buyer is notified by e-mail with the payment invoice and will be asked to submit payment to Amazon Payments.

    Step 2: Buyer Pays Amazon Payments
    The Buyer submits their payment to the Amazon Payments trust account provided in the payment invoice. When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. After payment is secured, the Seller is notified by Amazon Payments to ship the vehicle to the Buyer.

    Step 3: Seller Ships Vehicle to Buyer
    The Seller ships the merchandise to the Buyer’s address listed in the payment invoice. The Seller ships the merchandise and insures the item for the full value. The Seller must pays for the shipment of the merchandise. After the Seller has shipped the merchandise, they must provide the tracking information. The inspection period will not begin until Amazon Payments has confirmed delivery of the merchandise.

    Step 4: Buyer Accepts the Vehicle
    When the Buyer accepts the merchandise or the inspection period expires, the disbursement of payment will begin. Payment is sent to the Seller.

    Step 5: Amazon Pays the Seller
    Upon the merchandise being accepted, Amazon Payments verifies the transaction information and releases funds per the Seller’s instruction.

    Thank you again for shopping with us.
    Amazon Payments

    I phoned Amazon to confirm this information and they told me it was a SCAM. They don’t even offer this kind of third party payment plan.
    I am glad I did some research and saved myself $16,000.
    If it seems too good to be true. Well it is not true.

  5. I am looking for anyone that may know anyone that has fallen victim to the Amazon car scam.I am looking to start a Class Action Lawsuit against Amazon. They are aware of the scam and have done nothing to notify loyal customers on the website or even in writing. Please pass the word around thousands of people have been scammed out of so much money and they don’t care about their consumers…..Repost and let others know.

    • hello Elisha, i did not get scammed by amazon, but my Google check out so i know how you feel! Let me know how it goes with that law suit maybe i will take one up with Google checkout now known as Google wallet.
      Good Luck

    • Hi, Elisha. Dumb me, fell for the scam. Luckily, the Money Gram Agencies noticed the “payment agency/ Amazon Payment” and flagged the transaction before it went through. They contacted me within minutes of my purchasing the money gram and refunded my money.

      Thank God for that!!!

      • I got scammed just the other day. I am a student and they scammed me just over £2000 I am still in shock and extremely upset because of it!

    • Hi Elisha, I am based in the Uk and I have just been scammed by the amazon Payments scam after seeing a classified advert on eBay for £3800. I don’t know how old your post is regarding a lawsuit and would welcome any feedback.
      Many thanks
      Dean Baker

    • Hi Elisha I don’t know how long is your post, I’m recently a fallen of victim of scam. She post on the craiglist 2005 Acura lt 74,980 miles for $1900 by using the third party amazon payment using the moneygram. I trusted the amazon website so I go for it . Amazon should post the warning on their website to let their customer knows what’s going on. If you ever lawsuit against amazon , I will join you

      • I almost bought this same car.. she says she is an oceanographer and gives all this info and when you run the vin# it’s registered to Patricia Shelton in Chattanooga TN… this is crazy and someone needs to stop her before anyone else is scammed.

    • it happend to me , just a week ago , Somebody put a ad on kijiji about a honda civic and she sent me a reply and we guys tolked for 3 days then , she said they are gonna make it from amazon as a third party for payment . I got a reply from amazon next day and they said to pay certain amount about 1500 CAD through intrac to their bank manager , I never dealt wth these stuff and i m new to canada I made the payment very next day .
      So I dun knw police is gonna help me or not , i will get my money back or not , Bt i am wth u ..

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  7. I wanted to thank you personally for your info. On here!! I thought I was buying a boat on boat trader but it turned out you needed to wire money through moneygram. So I did … $2600.00 thinking its ok. No it wasn’t real. I called moneygram an hour later after reading this site.. I was lucky enough to get my money refunded by calling the 800# on the receipt. The girl at the register told me a story about how her little sister wasn’t as lucky. She was trying to buy her first car, they took the money and ran!!

  8. I saw a listing for a 2003 chevy Tahoe by a michelle taylor last night (3/1/13) and it is exactly the same story. something told me to google amazon payment and it brought me here, thank god!



    I’m writing you regarding my 2006 Nissan Maxima SE. The price I’m looking for is $1800. The car has 52,000 miles,and is in perfect condition, there’s not even a scratch on it. Everything from the motor to the tiers is shining and looking brand new. I am desperate,I need urgently money because my little girl has a big health problem. I only deal through Amazon so if you’re interested in purchasing let me know. Also let me know if you need any more info on this wonderful car or if you have any other questions of any sort.

    Here you can see some pictures with the car:



    ( amazon agent ) !? THIS EMAIL WAS A FAKE. IT READ


  10. I just came across the same scam here it is:

    2009 Ford Escape XLT SUV – $12500


    This vehicle has absolutely no mechanical problem, the exterior has no scratches, rust or dents and
    included. I am selling it because I’ve relocated in Europe and it is too expensive to import it
    here. It is still in Canada at a warehouse, ready to be delivered to its buyer with all the
    documents. Because I am not able to close the deal myself, I have chosen to use a third party
    company to handle the sale. This way we are both protected. Let me know if you’re interested and
    if you have questions.

    Wish you all the best!,
    Deanne Louise

    It has 65000 km on it.
    I already paid the shipping, it will be delivered without other costs anywhere in Canada. It is in Vancouver
    at the warehouse ready for delivery.
    I want to use Amazon Payments because I have an agreement with them and a purchase protection
    account of $50000 so we will both be 100% protected in this deal.
    Let me know if you’re interested and if you have questions.
    PS: I attached all the pictures I got ….so now you can see exactly what you can get for this
    Wish you all the best!,
    Deanne Louise

  11. Almost fell for the same scam today. They are using a web site Tom Truck inc. 2003 Jeep Wrangler rubicon. He said a guy from Victoria traded the Jeep for a truck. Would ship free to Canada. But needed to use a 3rd party for payment Amazon payment. I did some research before sending the money. The trucking company does not exist. The amazon web site is bogus.I even spoke on the phone with him a few times and his phone #is a voip line. He wanted confirmation of the money transfer by fax. The fax line was voip out of NYC. The money was to be transferred to Barcleys bank in England

  12. Same scam, same wording. First one was for 1996 Casita camper located in the state of Washington. Amazon Payments Account Manager in Pittsburgh PA. At MoneyGram agent, they noticed a number was lacking and couldn’t complete transaction. When I contacted the US Army, the item went off the sale list and no reply was made. The second was for RV in ND; now I have received the Amazon Invoice and see it is the same wording and no complete number as needed. So much for this game. There should be a fine for illegal sells.

  13. The scam continues. Brent Lindsay has offered to ship the car for free – to Australia!!!! According to another blog I read Amazon has a limit of $1000 per month so car sales simply cannot be transacted there. The police should do sting operations on these types but I reckon the actual people behind it are probably in Malaysia. That’s where the Western Union scam seems to run from.

  14. It’s amazing how these scams are taking off and even though people are much more informed about them than before, still many of them fall in such traps and end up losing their hard earned money.

  15. Thank you for your post. I had the exact same scam while looking to buy a boat. Many red flags, found your post as I was doing some investigation before sending any money. Had the exact same wording. This transaction is still in progress as far as the scammer is concerned. You saved me $15,000. Thanks.

  16. I nearly fell for this today here in the uk, everything looked so genuine and a legitimate story behind it too. I owe my mate a pint for spotting this blog, and i owe big thanks to the writer for posting it. Cheers.

  17. I had the exact same one as above regarding a 35K Backhoe for $10,200 including shipping from Whitehorse and the guy (Tim Matthews) was in Europe. I had several emails back and forth. I checked the linked website and contacted the help asking about my concerns and got a response within an hour stating that they indeed do this for people outside of the country, what they need was the guys name, email and description on the item. Asked the guy and he sent me the info within minutes, forwarded it back to Amazon Payments mail, but haven’t heard back yet…… Now more suspicious I looked on line and found another Amazon Payment (the real one) and the url did not match the one that was linked to me.
    This is pretty sophisticated, they have created a mirror website that you can actually contact and ask a question regarding your concern saying that it is legit! Very believable and convincing. Sooooo Mr Tim Matthews no scam for you!!!!! Since this I reported the Kijijji ad as a scam. And I just got an email from him asking ; So did you talk with Amazon? Are we good to go?
    Why can’t these people be tracked down? I hope this type of scam gets more attention to prevent other people out there from getting suckered.

  18. I noticed two emails from Amazon exactly the same. When I said I didn’t get a response from amazon, he must have had them resend it! LOL It stated that Tim Matthews was a registered customer and that we could proceed with the transaction, all I needed to do was register! NOT!

    This scam needs to be opened up and brought to the public’s attention!

  19. is the email that is being sent to me…

    Seller is Linda Grisso 2004 Acura TL 3.2 Sedan for 2,000.00
    with approx. 79K Miles sob story that her husband and son was killed by a drunk truck driver and this vehicle was her son of only 19 years of age and she needs to sale it brings back to many memories. She moved back to Orlando with her parents and has set up payments to go through Amazon Payments
    have to send through Walmart/Money Gram service to our Amaazon agent his name was: Daniel Wilbur
    128 Charles St. New York NY 10014

    I even asked for a car fax and it checked out only thing I saw was owner was from Philadelphia and she said she had moved though back to Orlando with her parents.
    Linda Grisso 905 N Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32801 United States

    I assume this is all a scam from the reading’s above
    Does Amazon even sale cars ! –guess not ….
    Thanks for saving my butt I can’t afford to loose 2K

    Blessings to you and thanks for letting me know before I sent this in the morning.

    Thanks Michelle

    • I’ve been looking at used cars on Craigslist and got an almost boilerplate scam response.


      I’ve received your email regarding the 2008 Honda Accord EX-L with 68,714 miles on it, Automatic, Gasoline, Engine: 3.5L. The car is still for sale and my final price is $2,700. The car is in perfect shape, never been smoked in, without scratches no dents, and it has never been involved in any kind of accidents. I legally own, free of any liens or loans, under my name.The engine runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. I’m selling the car because I lost my husband and my child of only 19 years, with 2 months ago in a car accident.A drunk truck driver hit them.They were in my husband’s car and they didn’t had a chance.This was my child’s car and brings me a lot of memories that make me suffer and this is the reason for what I want to sell it as soon as possible. I only deal through Amazon so if you have any other questions, or need more info, please free to ask.

      Thank you!”

      It sounds too good to be true, but I sent a reply anyways saying that I’d like to check out the vehicle personally and if that’s okay then send me another email so we can figure out the details.

  20. I got the exact same email, word for word, but for an ’08 F-150 and was about to go ahead with the transaction, but I ended up seeing this blog. Thanks for posting this, saved me a lot of money. P.S it’s still up and running today (Oct. 2nd/2013)

  21. Almost got caught in one today.. My husband and I were looking for a used side by side utv and saw a fully loaded 2012 Polaris 900 xp for $9350 on the autotrader website. Seemed like a good deal, only a few thousand off the price of new utv, so it didn’t seem too far off the mark… Just enough to get us interested. The woman’s name was Jennifer Hamilton, and she claimed to have been transferred to Winnipeg and would not be able to use it. She gave the same line about the vehicle being at an amazon warehouse and wanting to use them for both of our protections. My husband checked out the link and it looked good as well… One of the big red flags for us was the email address of Amazon Flexible Payments was “”…. If this was a ligit email, wouldn’t Amazon have the address end in Also the link to the website ended in “.wink.cs” what is that.

  22. HA…I found TWO of these schemes in the Roanoke VA area for a car in Tampa for an “Oceanographer” at sea selling an 2006 Lexus ES for $2404…another one was in Winston Salem NC for a car that was in Atlanta …since I lived in Atlanta, after at first being suckered in for a normally $10,00 2006 Acura TL for $1900(HAHA..they know how to take advantage of our greed as well as materialism)I put “her” to the test and said I was visiting on Saturday and she could meet me a various malls or any public place of her choosing where she could receive cash and save on “shipping”.

    Today I receive an email saying since she initiated the transaction with Amazon payments..she would keep it that way, instead of risk her “career and freedom” for that amount of money…After I stopped laughing I sent them a reply saying all one has to do is google “Amazon Payments” and “buying cars” and numerous websites with scam in the title appear.

    Thank God I found this and other sites before I gave away all of the money I will have for a while out of greed. Once she started the transaction a site calling itself Amazon Payments had official looking page with picture of the auto..a contract manager’s name and email(but no number) and a bunch of other passable elements to fool people..until they get to the moneygram part. Anyway I think the reason they have went to smaller amounts in they’re scams asking for less than $3k is because Now Moneygram and Western Union have caught on….I wish the poster luck in suing because they should be doing SOMETHING to keep so many people from being scammed in their name

  23. Many thanks to all of you! My emails were verbatim to yours most of the time. I didn’t bite BIG yet, so no loss but I was really close. My family saw red flags before I did so I decided to do just a little research – boy was I surprised and really disappointed. I really wanted that CHERRY 1956 Chevy Bel Air coupe. Watch out if anybody else tries for it.

  24. I just stumbled across another example of this on Craigslist. a really nice 2001 Harley for only $5K and then was told that it included shipping and handling as well. When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. I got an email response from the seller which is almost identical to the original one posted above and pointing to a ficticious spoofed Amazon site. Glad I can read a URL and did some poking around first.

  25. HI Just wondered whether you thought this could be one of those scams you so readily expose.

    This is what she said :

    Yes, it is IS250, sorry about the mistake in the ad. It has 27,000 miles. I’m the second owner. Before I left the country, I arranged a safe sale through Amazon Flexible Payments. I’ve moved the car to our Army Barracks, Grantham, Lincolnshire to keep it in a safe place until I find a buyer for it. The shipping process is not an issue. The vehicle will be delivered with the 2 keys,full paperwork and the V5 signed by me. This is how works : Amazon FPS will hold your payment until you’ll receive and agree with to purchase my vehicle. It will be shipped at your home address in maximum 3 days.Amazon will offer you a 7 days for inspection, from the day you’ll receive the car, that means you can inspect it at your own place, take it to a mechanic, drive it, and then if you decide to keep it, you’ll confirm to Amazon the sale and they will transfer the payment to me. If, by any reason, you will not be satisfied with my car you can return it at my expense for a full refund of your money, no questions asked.You are not risking any pounds and you’ll have the chance to check the vehicle before the final decision. This Amazon transaction is eligible for vehicles, because I paid some extra taxes.
    I think this is a fair procedure for both of us. This Amazon service is secured because your payment is 100% covered. I have an open Bank Account with Amazon FPS and if something goes wrong, you will get a full refund from my account. Amazon will confirm this, when we will open the case with them. Your payment is just a security measure, to make sure that you are serious, and that I am not going to ship the car, and lose time and money. You are not risking any pounds and you’ll have the chance to check the car before the final decision.You can read more about this service in the attached document.
    I need to provide your details to Amazon so they can open a case for us. Please reply with your full name and your shipping address, a contact phone # so I can ask Amazon to open a case! After that, they will contact you to explain all the details regarding the transaction.
    I’m looking forward to hear from you.

  26. I just came across an ad for a 2009 harley davidson for only 7700.oo dollars in whitehorse. Almost got it until i came across your blog. thank you.After i answered the ad. i went back on kijiji to look at the bike and it was already down.

  27. I almost got scammed by these people,
    This time it was a Michelle Bingley claiming to be an army medic posted in Germany. She had exported the van over from the UK “for safe keeping” and would use Amazon Payments to do the deal, then deliver it to me.

    The email claiming to be from Amazon was from The domain is a free mail account with 1&1 and nothing to do with Amazon.

    One sign that its a fraud is that they take the ad down as soon as you contact them.

    I sent an email to them saying that I was doing security checks, within a few minutes they had sent an email from the above address claiming to be from Amazon payments saying the transaction was legitimate and strongly advised me to make the payment. What they did not know was that I had given Amazon a different email address. They had sent it to the one I was using with the seller, LOL BUSTED.

  28. I was about to get scammed! This is the email i received from someone that called herself Susan R Taylor:
    I have a low price on my 2004 Honda Accord LX because I want to sell the car very quickly.The price is $2,400 including delivery to your home address.The car is in perfect condition, no electric problems, no   accidents/liens/loans. No scratches, never been repainted. I have all the car manuals, title,documents. I’m selling this car because my child of only 23 died 4 months ago in a car accident,a drunk driver hit him   and his fiancee. He was with his fiance’s car coming to our home at his little brother birthday of 10 years old. The car belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it. The last price is $2,400. Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through Amazon Buyer Protection  Program.

    2004 Honda Accord LX
    Details about car :

    VIN: 1hgcm55384a139361
    Mileage: 64,236  miles
    Exterior color:  Gold
    Interior color:  Tan
    Transmission: Automatic
    Fuel type: Gasoline
    Engine: 2.4L l4 GAS DOHC Naturally Aspirated
    Title: Clear

    Here you can find more pictures of the vehicle:

    Susan R Taylor

    2Nd message :
    Thank you, the car is located in West Palm Beach, FL at DAS ( Dependable Auto Shippers ) headquarters, in the container, sealed and ready for  shipping. You will have 10 days so you can inspect the car. Once you have inspected the car and decided to keep it, you will confirm your decision to Amazon and only then they will re-route the money in to my account, but if by any reason, you won’t be satisfied with the car you can return it back for a full refund of your money. I will take care of the shipping, don’t worry. You will receive the car with all the  necessary papers (clear title, bill of sale, user’s manual, insurance etc).
    Just get back with your full name and full shipping address and I will get everything started as soon as possible, then Amazon will contact you with further instructions

    Susan R Taylor

    But then some how i received another msg similar to the previous ones that made it even look more shady..
    Thank you for your inquiry regarding my car. It is in perfect condition, there’s not even a scratch or any dents on it. Everything about it is in perfect condition. I have clear title for it, no liens or loans.
    The car is priced to sell quickly and the final price that I’m asking for it is $2,350 including shipping and handling costs. My husband died 3 months ago and me and my daughter decided to sell the house and move to my sister’s. The car reminds us very much of my husband but we finally understood that we have to move on with our lives. Although my husband will have his place in our hearts forever. I can’t afford to take days off my work for this sale so i’m trying to sell it online.
    If you are really interested in purchasing the car please reply to this email and i will provide further instructions regarding payment and delivery.
    Susanne Baldwin

    As you can see its almost the first same name just different emails..
    These emails were

    WATCH OUT FOR THESE SCAMMERS! When something is to good to be true dont buy it!

  29. This is the email I received 9th March 2014 in the UK:

    Hi ,
    My name is Daniel Robson ,I am the owner of the 2008 FORD FIESTA (B256/7) ST 16V.
    Regarding the car, it is in perfect condition, no accidents, no damage, scratches or dents. HPI clear, the car is fully paid. It is registered to United Kingdom .It has 51,000 miles REG:BP08UEK.And It drives like new, garage kept and babied.
    The price i was looking for is £2,600 since i am looking for a fast sale and don’t have time to negotiate so this is the basic price.

    Regarding the sale, i am selling it because i had to move back in Netherlands with work,i already bought another car here as i was unable to register the Ford here since the fees are to high being a UK model and specs. I work as a broker and as stated before i already bought a car here.
    If you are interested in purchasing i want to use a third party for our protection in this case Amazon Payments Using theyr services it allows you as the buyer to receive the car first and also give you an inspection period of 7 days in wich you can decline the sale if you are not satisfied. I doubt that since the car is in perfect condition.
    The shipping will be home delivery and insured.

    If you want to move forward with the sale and have the payment email me your entire name, shipping address and also your phone number , so i can call you and discuss further details and also forward all the info to Amazon Payments so they can contact you also with all the details regarding the transaction, how you are protected and also payment details/options.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


  30. I had the same experience today, here is the email…

    Hi Kaila,

    I’m writing you regarding my 2007 Honda Civic EX. The price I’m looking for is $2700. The car has 48,752 miles,and is in perfect condition, there’s not even a scratch on it. Everything from the motor to the tires is shining and looking brand new.
    I need to sell it asap..I am desperate,I need urgently money because my little girl has a big health problem and she need a surgery. I only deal through Amazon. The car is already packed and waiting to be shipped anywhere. Shipping/delivery is included in this price as I almost closed the deal with another customer but he was unable to take the loan from the bank. I’ve already prepared shipping for him as he was out of state. Like I told you I will use only if you want to move forward please let me know so I can explain you how Amazon works.For more pictures please CLICK HERE

    Mileage: 48,752
    Body Style: Sedan
    Exterior Color: White
    Interior Color: Tan
    Engine: 1.8L I4 16V MPFI SOHC
    Transmission: Automatic
    Title Clean

    Thank you thank you thank you for sharing this information!

    • Almost got caught with scam for 2008 Bigfoot trailer $14000 on kijiji,posted by Gloria Watkins saying her husband had died,and it was in storage in Victoria,bc,would be shipped,no extra fees,wording was almost same.Was too good to be true,so did some digging..thanks for all the posts!!

  31. Get real people Amazon has nothing to do with this scam They are just a target to use there name by scammers. You got scammed Just grow up and start using your heads right it off as a stupid tax.

  32. exactly the same scam nearly happened to me using autotrader / amazon payment but luckily didn’t pay any money cos sixth sense……lady selling the car apparently re-located to austria and her insurance doesn’t cover the surgery she needs………watch out for katie wilson, hope she really is ill

  33. Son Of A B….Aug 2014. Caught an ad off cycle trader. 2k for a 4-5k bike…

    When 1st email came in, it was Maria Fox, Newly divorced, moved to this state, but the bike (gotten in the divorce) was in MT…. Used the FPS and a safe transaction. 10 days os send it back.
    Invoice from Amazon@payment-fps.
    Even used a header from DAS Automotive delivery. said the bike was with them waiting to go.
    Used Amayon Payments logos and all
    3 things tipped me off.
    1)Sender address was StephK9@Gmail on behalf of Amazon FPS(
    2) Money payments only through MoneyPAK
    3) for Questions hit reply to the this email..

    Thats when I started checking. and Tracing. Emails from Romania. How do these people even come up with this stuff…this one was good, not as low down shitty as the dead child one…People should be put in town squares in chains for months. These people should know shame and suffering. and then these people should not waste any more of decent peoples oxygen…

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