20 Cents from April 2012

20 Cents from April 2012

Markets have been subject to some April showers this year. Will they lead to May flowers? We’ll find out soon. In the meantime, check out some of the great articles I noticed across the web during the past month.

1. Creativity is often underestimated as a driver of economic growth. Flip Chart Fairy Tales asks Is There a Creativity Crisis? citing a post from Chris Dillow that observes that less innovation leads to lower GDP growth. Another article in The Globe and Mail pointed to Maria Montessori and her education model as a producer of creative individuals. Apparently, some pretty well-known innovators attended Montessori schools. (Anyone heard of a company called Google?) In a third, very short but excellent article, Seth Godin writes On Making a Ruckus in Your Industry.

2. Sheila Bair’s Washington Post article on how to Fix Income Inequality with $10 million Loans for Everyone was an eye-opening (and more-than-a-little-ironic) look at the mechanics of the Fed bailouts of large financial institutions and hedge funds. If you think this disdain for the financial sector stops at the northern U.S. border, think again. The Huffington Post published a Q&A with Bruce Livesey, Author of Thieves of Bay Street. Apparently, our banking system isn’t as squeaky clean as some would have us believe.

3. Market Watch presented the view of another author (Richard Duncan), who says that Capitalism Is Dead and Credit Is the New King. According to Mr. Duncan, attempts to unwind the credit-driven nature of our modern economy may be “cataclysmic.”

4. Do you handle money better or worse than your siblings? According to a new survey, Birth Order and Financial Personality are Linked.

5. The Spec took issue with GICs as the Ugly Stepsister. In a similar vein, Watson Inc. wondered Are There Any Safe Investments Anymore?

6. Science Daily had a really interesting article on how Consumerism and Its Antisocial Effects Can Be Turned On – or Off. Here’s a sample: “Money doesn’t buy happiness. Neither does materialism: Research shows that people who place a high value on wealth, status, and stuff are more depressed and anxious and less sociable than those who do not.” Makes sense to me.

7. Here’s a story on 5 Money Moves a Fed Follower Is Making. It’s about James Bianco and his contention that these days markets move on the actions of the Federal Reserve rather than economic or corporate fundamentals.

8.  Who knew a single food could be so important to protecting your brain? Psychology Today informs us that Fat Brains Need … Tomatoes.

9. Brain Pickings covered some advice from C.S. Lewis on the dangers of acting only out of a sense of duty. There are some really compelling quotes from letters he wrote to children who asked him questions.

10. In a guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog, Justin Wise explains What Elementary School Taught Me about Personal Productivity and how you can apply it to your work or business.

I hope you found these articles informative. Please feel free to comment on them below!

Written by Kim Petch

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