Thrift Culture Now: Balance Junkie Interview

Thrift Culture Now: Balance Junkie Interview

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A couple of months ago the editors at Thrift Culture Now contacted me for an interview. I normally don’t mind doing this type of thing, especially if it’s in writing. I agreed to do it and they agreed to send over a set of questions for me to answer.

I expected to receive an email containing some generic personal finance or investing questions. Instead, I was treated to some really thoughtful inquiries that showed a real recognition of what Balance Junkie is all about. I was impressed.

Unfortunately, the interview questions arrived just as I was about to move. I started on some replies, but it soon became apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to give the interview the attention it deserved until after we settled in. The editors said “no problem” and very patiently waited for my replies.

Thrift Culture Now is “a free service dedicated to providing people with solutions for slashing all of their bills, eliminating clutter and waste, curbing consumer addiction, and thus enriching their lives financially.” It’s run by an enterprising group of young Canadians. (You know I’m a big fan of those!) The article that resulted from the interview is entitled Balance Junkie: Money Is a Means Not an End. It’s a nice summary of some of my answers where direct quotes are woven with the author’s thoughts on them. Nicely done!

Thanks to Rachel and the rest of the folks at Thrift Culture Now for humouring a slightly older Canadian! :)

Written by Kim Petch

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